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Clairsentience is also popularly known as psychometric and is used to refer to a person's ability to sense energy. The energy could be either the energy of a person, place or even a material thing. Anyone possessing such capabilities is called as clairsentient and many consider this power to sense energy as a super natural phenomenon and have been a subject of intense research. The information about energy is believed to be revealed by a number of qualities which include colors, lightness, darkness, or even emotions such as joy or sadness and also as good energy or bad energy.

Clairsentient readings are so powerful that they were actively used by US and the former Soviet Union in their cold war that lasted over several decades. This was primarily used as an intelligence gathering tool and more importantly also served clairsentience by giving it much needed recognition. The technique is so effective that even within the field of parapsychology, it is observed that many of the powers of clairvoyance are readily verifiable. Today, there are a large number of clairsentients who are using their extraordinary power to better the lives of ordinary people. Because of the rarity of clairsentient, it is not usually possible to locate someone with such extraordinary powers in the surrounding locality. The power of internet has made it possible to reach out to such persons who may be thousands of miles away. Thus, online Clairsentience is not only a convenient comfort but to a large extent

very necessary. As a matter of fact, there are many clairsentient who are comfortable advising their clients rather than physically meet. Many believe that every individual is a clairsentient psychic to some extent and the power is more visible in some individuals who use it to provide insights into other peoples life. The internet is filled with sites which try and explain the physics behind this clairsentience phenomenon.

There are quite a few authentic sites that provide clairsentience reading which people can use to achieve their means. Despite the technique being so advanced and powerfully with only few expert clarinets, many of these sites offer free clairsentience reading to their visitors. Some of them have premium services which require some reasonable fees for the personalized services but almost all of them have a basic free clairsentience reading. Due to the huge impact of clairsentience, there is a need to exercise caution to make sure that the site is authentic and the Clairsentient is an expert and can be trusted with personal information. There are quite a few sites which guide people to develop their clairsentience. Though this may sound attractive to many people, particularly youngsters and those who have had the experience of an expert clairsentient, it is advisable to verify the information provided by these sites

before actually venturing out and developing these traits. This is important not only because one could be easily misled but because the fact that the clairsentient needs to undergo a considerable physical and emotional changes. Also, this could have severe social repercussions which may vary from person to person.



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